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And the Grammy

Monday, 27 January 2014 16:02:31 Europe/London

And the Grammy for the Best Brush Goes to 

The Gretchen Original Brush 

The Ceramic-coated barrel eliminates frizz leaving the hair silky and smooth.

Ceramic spreads and holds heat longer so hair straightens or curls faster.

When heated, the ceramic emints negative ions which help breakdown the bacteria build up.

Ionic treated bristles increase shine and reduce static

Unique one-piece handle eliminates snagging 

Ideal for straightening the hair.

What more can I say. Pure BEAUTY in a BRUSH

Posted in Blog By Lisetta Ali

food for hair

Monday, 20 January 2014 15:24:31 Europe/London

Hi Everyone,

We all want healthy, shiny hair but the reality isn't always as pretty. After all we do damage to our hair everyday through heat styling, outdoor activities, sun exposure and more.

Luckily you are what you eat or rather your HAIR is. According to WebMD, the nutrients from the foods you eat actually 'fortify the hair follicle' where each strand starts. In other words, healthy eating can actually improve the look of your hair.

5 Foods that can help improve the look and feel are the following

1. Salmon -  Full of omega 3 fatty acids which keep your scalp hydrated and healthy. After all beautfiul hair starts with a happy scalp.

2. Walnuts - Another omega 3. Also great source of biotin and vitamin E. Boitin also known as vitamin H is a b-complet vitamin which helps your body metabolize fats and proteins, as well as promote healthy skin and hair. Lack of this in the body can result in hair loss and breakage aswell as dry skin and brittle nails.

3. Organge foods - Suprising hey. Well alot of orange coloured foods can help promote scalp and hair health. Why? Because they are full of beta-carotene, a reddish orange pigment that your body turns into vitamin A during digestion.

4. Eggs - Rich in protein which promotes hair growth and health.

5. Deak, leafy greens - Veggies like spinach, broccoli are full of iron beta-carotene, folate and vitamin C. 

So all in all if you have a balanced diet of the above foods you should be laughing all the way to the Hair Salon XXX

Posted in Blog By Lisetta Ali

Golden Globes

Monday, 13 January 2014 18:03:26 Europe/London

One of our favourite events of the year took place last night. The Golden Globes.

So its no suprise that the girls mad sure they had a touch of Hollywood Glamour on the red carpet to kickstart 2014!

Here are my favourite dresses of the evening.

Taylor Swift arrived ina beautiful pink gown with a black sweet heart neckline. Stunning stunning. Her hair was curled and swept back in a loose faux bob.

Reese Witherspoon wore a sleek turquoise Calvin Klein number showing that amazing figure off. How does she do it...

Amy Adams wore a plunging Valentino red number how very daring.

All looked beautiful on the night.



Posted in Blog By Lisetta Ali

New Hair Look

Thursday, 9 January 2014 16:21:41 Europe/London

As we have all gone back to work. (Unless we are on a permanent holiday :-) 

Then why not try a new hairstyle for 2014. 

1. Brush your hair gently

2 Tie hair back in a ponytail

3. Separate a thin section of hair fromt he ponytail and twist it tightly upwards. 

4. Secure the hair end with grips under the ponytail.

5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 until the full ponytail is twisted up.

6. Finish with some spray and what a great look you have.

Posted in Blog By Lisetta Ali

Tips for Great Hair Looks

Sunday, 29 December 2013 10:13:21 Europe/London

Hi Guys well Christmas is over. I have probably eaten my own body weight in two days but boy did it feel good :-)

We've all drank too much, snoozed on the couch and watched too much of the TV.

Now its the time to get to the Sales grab a LBD and get yourself Glamed up for New Years Eve. I always love to see women with beautiful hair and skin but I know at this time of the year its hard due to the cold and wind. 

My top tips for any girl is to make sure you prepare yourself well for the night out. Give your hair a really good deep condition. I tend to use KMS repair which helps any damaged hair. I have long curly hair and it protects my hair and makes it really nice to handle.  Make sure you use a good mousse and I and I always use a serum for my hair to keep the curls from frizzing. 

Next step styling the hair. To brush the hair through use the Wilhelmina 6" ring ( This gets through any knots and detangles the hair whilst its wet. You can also use on dry hair and any types of hair so (DON"T PANIC)

Then you can get down to styling the hair. Depending on what style you are going for. You can get the style by using our Gretchen Brush range. For long hair I would recommend the 43" to 65" and shorter hair the smaller brushes.

Here are some classy looks for Shimmering New Years Eve. Which One will you go For!!!

1. Wavy and pulled partially back using hairpins or little braids


2. The beautiful braid

3. Loose and Wavy


4. Long and Sleek look

Posted in Blog By Lisetta Ali

Hairbrushes Direct Blog

Thursday, 5 December 2013 18:16:15 Europe/London



Hi Everyone 

Its that time of year again.

Wishing Everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Posted in Blog By Lisetta Ali
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