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Why buy boar bristle

Sunday, 21 September 2014 17:26:13 Europe/London

We all know that we have to look after our hair and keep it in the best condition possible so that you will have glossy and shiny hair. Argan oils have become increasingly popular as they help with split ends, dry hair and frizz.

However, it is also worth noting that the body’s natural conditioner, sebum, is spread by usingboar bristle brushes. It will not detangle your hair but it will clean and condition your hair. A boar bristle brush will also massage your scalp and seal the cuticles of your hair so that each hair appears glossy.

The Benefits of using a Boar Bristle Brush:

  1. Removes Dirt – The bristles are packed together closely removing dirt and dandruff from your hair. The smooth bristles will not tear your hair or damage the follicles.
  2. Distribute Oils – If you have dry hair, the bristles will help distribute your hairs natural oils.
  3. Reduce Excess Oils – If you have greasy hair, the bristles will help reduce excess oils by lifting it away from your hair.
  4. Stimulate Your Scalp for Hair Growth – The brush will also give your scalp a great massage which will stimulate the blood flow and increase the flow of needed nutrients to the hair follicle
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Saturday, 9 August 2014 09:56:00 Europe/London

Kicking Up A Storm


The best cutting comb. Barbers, hairdressers buying like crazy!

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Let your brush talk for you

Sunday, 8 June 2014 19:22:54 Europe/London

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How to look after your hair

Saturday, 10 May 2014 16:25:59 Europe/London

Looking after your hair can take time but at the end you have great looking locks.

Always use a good shampoo and conditioner. I have curly hair and I always go for KMS Repair shampoo and conditioner. It treats the hair really well and I always comb my hair when washing it to get all the knots out and with kms I find it really easy and not painful.

When washing your hair always massage the hair, never scratch the scalp. Best to massage using the finger tips. If you scratch then you will find that you hair gets tangled. I always find that you have coloured your hair then washing in cooler water keeps the hair colour that much longer

Protect your hair regularly. Especially in the hight of summer. If you want volume use a good moose like Wella. It protects your hair from harmful IV rays, weather change and many other things. But also provides volume to your hair.

Brush your hair regularly. Some women are constantly grooming themselves. I think if you do it a few times a day than thats pretty good going.

Make sure you use a good brush (Wilhelmina boar bristle is great and gets out those knots and tangles) where other brushes do not.

Be careful with heat. Using a flat iron or even hairdryer too frequently will damage the hair. When the weathers warm let your hair dry naturally. It will look grreat and it will give your hair a break from the heat.

Remember when your feels and looks great your on the way to having a good day x


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Hair Trends

Thursday, 17 April 2014 17:26:17 Europe/London

Sexy look that these celebs have and you can easily get the look. Short, cropped, shaved or bobbed. 

Easy to handle ready for the Spring - Summer.

Knock those guys dead with these great looks x



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10% off in store

Thursday, 17 April 2014 17:20:41 Europe/London

Hi guys for Easter treat yourself to some new great hair brushes direct from us and save 10%. Hurry offer wont last forever

A little treat for you at Easter x

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best brush i have ever used

Monday, 7 April 2014 11:16:33 Europe/London


Mums are saying is the best brush ever. Kids are happy that the knots are getting out and LOOK no tears. These brushes were rated the best in Martha Stewart Living. 

What can we say 

They are beautiful

Easy to look after 

Cheaper than most boar bristle brushes 

Come in 3 unique sizes. 

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Saturday, 8 March 2014 18:23:59 Europe/London

If your thinking of cutting your hair short then you might find this tousled crop hairstyle the one for you.

Crops are the on-trend hair style to go for this Spring. This look is a great way to say goodbye to that cold 

winter and enbrace the joys of spring. If you have short hair already then you can easily create this look by following these steps.

1. Wash your hair and brush through with our Wilhelmina brush that will get out all those horrible tangles

2. Apply some straighening cream throughout the lengths of your hair and run a comb "troubadour" through to ensure easy application.

3. Leave your hair to dry naturally and whilst still damp spray some salt spray.

4. Work your hair with your fingertips and give yourself a rough centre parting. By using the fingertips working the hair you can give the look of Tousled hair. Guys will love it x


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Most Tweeted Pict

Saturday, 8 March 2014 18:08:01 Europe/London


Hi Guys and Gals

Been a while since my last blog. Been really busy but I had to post this picture. I know you have probably seen it but wouldnt you just ove to have been a fly on this wall.

Woohhay I love most of these guys and having them all in one picture is just so call.

It makes me smile and thats why I had to post it.x

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Bruno Mars

Sunday, 9 February 2014 15:56:40 Europe/London


Bruno Mars is set to rise above us with his unique hairstyle.

How do you rate men with Quiffs

Men whp wear quiffs with body and volume stand out and attract lots of attention as it increases their height by several inches.

In order to achieve a quiff you need quite long hair at the top of the head. 5 things people should know about quiffs.

1. If the hair on the side of the head is cut really short, the quiff will be the dominant feature( like Goetz Alsmann)

2. The hair on the side of the head can be longer, making the transition from quiff softer like Bruno Mars.

3. The quiff can be perfectly groomed or relaxed slightly buy running your hands through the top.

4. Grey hair can make quiffs interesting, bringing in another look.

5. Quiffs look great if the hair is shiny creating a striking look.

Styling Tips for Quiff

1. After washing the hair, use volumising spray and blow dry the hair over a round brush from the hairline to the ends. We recommend the Gretchen 33mm for this as this is a great size brush.

2. Back comb the hair on the top of the head.

3. Apply some hair gel( for a wet look) or wax ( for a flexible shiny style). Comb the rest of the hair into shape.

4. Spray the hairstyle with hairspray for a better hold.



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